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mzamo and loko

We all know Mzamo as one of the most opinionated Housemates in the Big Brother Mzansi House, now pair him up in a hotheaded and spirited interaction with such an equivalent powerhouse – Loko as he is and you have yourself the makings of an epic fireworks display.

Exactly that is what took place this evening, when an awkward hush fell over the House as a discussion around Loko revealing Thando’s Secret Mission started heating up.

Loko seemed to have gotten into thinking that Mzamo was blaming her for last week’s Housemates Wager loss and she said as much. “Mzamo are you blaming me for our loss? It was not an intentional revelation. I did it out of necessity. Don’t be emotional or angry about it. We’re just talking,” she said, which Mzamo matched with his own brand of urgency and fire.

After a few minutes of unrest, the rest of the House marinating in stunned silence, emotions eventually cooled and Mzamo went back to sculpting. Clearly, the HoH was not satisfied with the outcome of their little spat because he swiveled his chair around one more time and gave Loko a piece of his mind. “Please don’t ever talk about people being emotional because you are the same way,” he said.

Mzamo seems to live for debate and argument and when he starts, he won’t stop until he’s had the last word. It’s all well and good to be confident and opinionated, but could this cause problems for him in the long run?

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