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Mzamo, Mandla and Lexi have been quite the stirrers in the Big Brother House so far.

Oops! Did we forget ‘pregnant’ Kat? South Africa is probably the most ‘liberal’ country in Africa but these Housemates take it to the max! If anyone thought there would be any holding back in this Season, then think again because these Housemates will have you sitting on the edge of your seat biting on your nails.

Did anyone see how Lexi just jumped at Mandla on the first night in the House? No, scratch that – it was actually in her first hour in the House. Boom! “I’m with him thanks,” she must have said in silence.

Well the free-spirited Mandla seemed set to explore his options since the fierce Mzamo was lingering in his radar. Mzamo managed to squeeze in a dance or two with Mandla, who didn’t seem to mind at all; occasionally calling both Mzamo and Lexi to feel free and chill with him. “I am a polygamist,” he declared in jest.

Anyway, it wasn’t long before Mandla pulled an impromptu stunt and got down on bended knee and asked for Lexi’s hand in marriage. Is this a joke? Does Mandla ever take anything serious though? We’ll have to wait and see. What’s confusing is that Mzamo, the self-confessed side chic, is the most excited about this ‘wedding’ and quickly positioned himself as wedding planner extraordinaire.

Moving swiftly to Kat’s camp: Apparently she’s pregnant, well, playing pregnant, but we all know whom she’s really been playing. And that’s Sol and Jase. Cuddling here and kissing there, it seems like our pretty girl’s got moves like jagger! Her flirtatious ways have really earned her a few stripes with the guys. She did say she enjoys being the centre of attention and that she could just have sex in the House following her drought season in the outside world. Mhmm… is that what should have prepared us for this?

And then we have Vanessa, who is also out there in her own way though. She seems to have quite an opinion. Of course MK takes the cup but Vanessa is right there contesting for it. Maybe that’s why she’s MK’s least favourite Housemate – probably hates staring into the mirror like that, who wouldn’t?

…And this is just Week 1… Day 3 to be precise, and all this has happened already. Love triangles, marriage proposals, stolen kisses, cat-fights, flirting and conniving all in just three days.

If you were to choose the Housemate of the week, who would it be and why? Do you sense sex on the horizon here?

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